December 2023 - Gathering of Network members at St George's Cathedral



Our three member-speakers, Nick Bryan from the Mike Procter Foundation, Dr Karyn Moshal from Chiva Africa and Penny Costley-White from TSIBA, updated the delegates on their organisations’ work. This is a favourite part of any gathering and reminds everyone of why the Network exists.
This year’s Awards, in appreciation of support for the sector and the Network, were given to Kathi Scott, Louise Seligman and Pumela Salela. These immensely deserving ladies are true examples of the ethos of the Network.
New para Peter Burdin shared early information on UK plans to mark 30 years since democracy in South Africa. This exciting initiative, overseen by Lord Peter Hain, will see events throughout the UK (for a change, not just in London) in 2024. Sports events, performances, art exhibitions, and more, will be arranged. There will be great opportunities for Network member organisations.
Eugenie Harvey updated everyone about the great funding opportunities offered by The Funding Network. Their event the previous week raised almost £70 000 for three charities.
Ben Cohen from Good Innovation gave a riveting master class. He shared fascinating examples of innovation in fundraising. He also shared his thoughts on trends that will affect fundraising in 2024.
Network Chair, Jill Ritchie, announced that there will be an event each quarter. She reminded everyone that (free or inexpensive) venues are always needed.






June 2023 - SA Chamber of Commerce, UK - Summer Drinks Event

Network members were invited to join the SA Chamber of Commerce, UK for their summer drinks event.

His Excellency, Antony Phillipson, the British High Commissioner to South Africa

His Excellency, Antony Phillipson, the British High Commissioner to South Africa, enthralled everyone with an outstanding talk.

Network Chair, Jill Ritchie, outlined the history and evolution of the Network.

Louise Seligman shared the wonderful story of member charity, Breadline Africa, over the 30 years since its inception to become one of the leading organisations in South Africa. Ably joined by Kyle Hauptfleisch from Daemon Solutions, a donor partner of Breadline Africa’s, Kyle gave insights into why they fund this impactful organisation.

Louise Seligman and Kyle Hauptfleisch

Hosted by Investec at their impressive London headquarters, wonderfully fruitful networking followed the formalities.

December 2022 - Gathering of Network members at South Africa House

The December, 2022 gathering of Network members at South Africa House, attended by 75 people, was another great event.
  Neliswa Hare, Network Trustee and UK representative of the ACFS Community Education and Feeding Scheme shared the remarkable work of this charity, that does way more than feeding vulnerable children.  
  LIV’s was represented by Russ McLean and Sammy Hepper. They reminded us of the original vision and also the extent of the outstanding services – ever expanding and reaching to evolving crises – of this special organisation.  


David Skoppek shared the work done by partner entities of the Bishop Simeon Trust in South Africa, focused on improving the poor education in government schools. The Trust has identified cutting-edge services to ensure that poverty is not a barrier to quality teaching for a lucky few children.


  The Network launched its Certificates of Appreciation, which will be awarded annually. Recipients were Geoff Johnson – a committed global South African and founder of the Nedbank South African Charity Golf Day. Also, John Battersby, renowned South African journalist and former UK country representative for Brand South Africa. Both recipients’ passion for and ongoing voluntary support of non-profit initiatives doing great work for those in need, is legendary.  


Kevin Chaplin, CEO of Amy Foundation and The Ubuntu Foundation in South Africa, inspired guests to live their best lives.



Carolyn Kamana fascinated the audience with a taster of the history of anti-apartheid support in the UK. Everyone is looking forward to the opening of the Anti-Apartheid Legacy: Centre for Memory and Learning



Alan McKelvey generously shared invaluable ‘how to’ tips on a successful legacy programme. He ‘paid forward’ their learnings and explained that when Masicorp had wanted to implement a bequest initiative, he reached out to others and was provided with invaluable advice.

  As ever, acclaimed South African photographer, Ronel van Zyl, captured the gathering with her camera. Thank you, Ronel!  


December 2021 - The annual gathering at the South African High Commission

It was wonderful to have the first in-person gathering of members in two years. As usual, the annual event was held at the South African High Commission in London. The Network is most grateful for the ongoing support from the High Commissioner and staff at this beautiful Trafalgar Square landmark.

Judith James from Africa Foundation talked about their work serving local communities and enabling conservation to uplift, up-skill and empower identified rural communities living near core conservation areas in Africa.


Claire McDonald from Africa Tikkun shared information about their work serving young people until they begin their careers. Afrika Tikkun provides access to mentorship, advanced schooling facilities, clean and healthy living environments and career opportunities.

Paul Clare from St David’s Marist Foundation shared wonderful stories of their successful learners (leaders of tomorrow) who have been given life-changing bursaries.


New trustee, fundraising consultant, Kelvin Glen encouraged everyone to ensure that their next generation of fundraisers were being prepared. He reminded the audience that neglecting the all-important matter of succession planning can is likely to be detrimental to the sustainability of the organisation.

Trustee, Peter Burdin, who brings a wealth of knowledge from decades as an international journalist, lecturer and mentor, provided some fascinating stats about news coming out of Africa not being written by Africans.


Global South African philanthropist, Derek Lubner, pointed out in his address that all donors are different and reminded fundraisers of the importance of understanding their various funders.

Brand South Africa, ongoing supporters of the Network, gave every guest a beautiful mug by renowned South African designer, Andy Cartwright.


December 2019 - The annual gathering at the South African High Commission

The annual gathering at the South African High Commission on Trafalgar Square, London, remains the highlight of the Network’s year. The venue, kindly made available by Her Excellency, Tembi Tambo, High Commissioner to the UK and Ireland, is central and easy to reach and is a real ‘home from home’ for South Africans in the UK.


The speakers at the 6th December, 2019 gathering were outstanding, as ever. (We are told each year that this was our best line up to date!)

Francis West from Westtek shared some shocking facts about cyber hacking. His talk: What do you need to know to protect yourself against Cyber Attacks (home and office) had everyone recognising the magnitude of this evil. He generously suggested these videos to share:

What are the effects of data breaches after the implementation of GDPR:
7 easy ways to spot a dodgy email:
How to protect your passwords like a Pro:
Cyber Attacks – 5 ways to prevent it:

Malcolm Cooper-Smith shared a wealth of experience from his years of service at St James’s Place Charitable Foundation and his involvement in their global donations . His talk, Improving your chances with corporate donors, was immensely helpful to all fundraisers present.


Few can navigate the maze of Gift Aid (whereby the UK government adds 25% to charitable donations made by individual UK tax payers) like Barry Gower. Simply entitled, Gift Aid – an update, Barry’s talk had everyone mesmerised and virtually everyone in the room learnt something new about this lucrative source of income for charities.


Namibian Olympic athlete, Crista Cullen, shared her experience in her talk, Working with celebrities. Those present could relate to Crista’s experiences in running the wildlife conservation charity that she founded: Tofauti.


Everyone loves hearing members share the stories of their organisations. This time, these were SA-UK Trust Network trustee, Carolyn Cripps OBE, from, Action for Burns and Children.


Shanti Annan , Founder of Mandela Mile #forKofi ,  a charitable initiative supporting the objectives of the UN Nelson Mandela Decade of Peace (2019-2028) by raising awareness of and participation in International Mandela Day.

Pippa Shaper (Founder) Home from Home, who managed to combine a trip to the UK from South Africa to be at the event.


Loyal supporter of the Network, Pumela Salela, UK Country Head of Brand South Africa, surprised everyone with a gift of an exquisite commemorative note book bearing Nelson Mandela’s signature. 



December 2018 - The annual South Africa House gathering of the SA-UK Trust Network

The annual South Africa House gathering of the SA-UK Trust Network was held on 5 December 2018. Kindly hosted by Her Excellency, Nomatemba Tambo, South African High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and Ireland, the event has become an annual time to honour the phenomenal lives of Nelson Mandela and his fellow struggle icons – Ms Tambo’s father, Oliver Tambo, included.

Seventy people, South Africans and Brits, spent a great morning together, celebrating the outstanding contribution made to the South Africans by the over 200 000 non-profits serving those in need.

All trustees were present and were grateful to Carolyn Steyn and her team from 67 Blankets for Mandela, who were there from South Africa and, the next day, went to hand over scarves that their extended circle had knitted or crocheted in honour of Madiba, to the homeless on the streets of London, as winter loomed.

Two member organisations’ representatives, Jennifer Parsons from The Children’s Hospital Trust and Kathi Scott from the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, shared the story of their organisations’ work.

There were updates from Jeannette Kruger from ZABRA and Carolyn Steyn from 67 Blankets for Mandela. The Network is honoured to have both of these phenomenal ladies, who founded their organisations and give of their time voluntarily while they guide their initiatives as they grow and do more and more selfless work for this in need, as members and friends.

Peter-Attard Montalto, specialist in emerging markets (and with a particular understanding of South Africa) shared his predictions for 2019 and how the elections, Brexit and other factors are likely to affect the NPO sector in South Africa.

David Tewkesbury, from Merranti Consulting, shared invaluable tips on planning and had everyone inspired to take on 2019.

It was a wonderful honour to have The Right Honourable David Lammy, MP join the proceedings and answer challenging questions put to him by trustee, Louise Seligman. Mr Lammy cares deeply about those in need and takes up the plight of people suffering – generally more quickly than anyone else has realised that a crisis exists. His tireless lobbying in the Windrush scandal gained him fresh admiration.

With the theme of ‘Perseverance’, everyone who participated was a living embodiment of this quality.

Good friend of the Network, Brand South Africa Country Representative, Pumela Salela, sponsored a beautiful commemorative notebook featuring Madiba for everyone.


May 2018 - The SA-UK Trust Network’s Gathering - Education

The SA-UK Trust Network’s trustees organised another successful gathering with the theme of Education. The event was generously sponsored by the outstanding Pestana Chelsea Bridge Hotel. Speakers included Prof David Wolfe, Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of New Mexico and Fellow of the UK Institute of Physics. David is also a loyal volunteer with the SA Institute of Physics (SAIP) and was part of the establishment of a programme to upskill science teachers and, six years on, continues to give of his time to this vital initiative.

The Network was also fortunate to have its meeting coincide with a visit to the UK by South African higher education fundi, Dr Mark Hay. He serves as a member of the Council of the University of KwaZulu Natal and is a former Executive Director of Quality Assurance at the SA Council on Higher Education. He also provides strategic support to the VC of TUT. Mark shared an insightful update on higher education in South Africa.

Paid up members have the opportunity to share information on their organisations and guests at this meeting were delighted to learn of the caring and compassionate work undertaken by Apostleship of the Sea as shared by John Green. Few of us think about or know much about the life of sailors, many of whom suffer atrocious human rights abuses. Apostleship of the Sea is active globally, including in South Africa. We commend them.